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morita naoki English

morita naoki English

Morita Naoki (family name first) was born in 1980. He grew up in Chiba prefecture. As a backpacker, he travelled over 25 countries, sometimes lost a job, worked as a sale of internet service, got a certificate of U.S.CPA during the sales staff of the life insurance company. After that, he met programming when he is in the thirties and currently he works as an iOS programmer. In 2014, he joined in Wantedly. In 2016, he became a freelance programmer. In 2018, iOS app named moru (Camera app for selfie) which he joined as a first programmer ranked a top in AppStore free app ranking in Japan. From 2017 to 2018, he went to DigitalHollywood professional school to learn 3DCG/VFX. He met the strength of the power of arts again, which he has forgotten for a long time. From now on, he wants to create a total service combined with creativity and programming and appeal it to the society.


CG animation: CITY 3B6FA
August 31, 2018
Goblin with cray sculpture
July 23, 2018
Speech at Applestore Ginza
July 10, 2015
I won the Grand Prix in Qiita Hackathon
November 30, 2013


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