Goblin with cray sculpture

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July 23, 2018

I joined in Yuji Katagiri sculpture seminar and created the goblin with clay sculpture.

Can't make

A clay sculpture using clay is my first experience. I tried to design by myself. And I could not make the one I intended. I hit mentally against a wall from where a big shape began to appear. There were not enough details in my design. Around eyes, cheeks, mouth and forehead, I could not understand. I faced an ambiguous part in myself. Even though I made shape without understanding, I felt that it was somewhat strange and not natural.

See the structure

From 2nd day, I increased the references and looked at them closely. I became able to realise little by little referring to the skeleton and muscle. I got entertaining when I got it. I was devoted to creation. When I felt it was strange, I looked at the muscles, bones and photographs to find out why it was weird. I fond the structure deeper than before.

Finally completed!

What is necessary to make what I wanted to make. Through my struggle and the appropriate advise by Mr.Katagiri, I was able to make it with feeling that I was progressing on my own.

Through the pain of creation, I was able to face my creation thoroughly in the very free atmosphere.

For three days, I had been facing with creation from morning till evening. I exhausted every day, but I found what a great thing there is.

Creation process

I keep the record of the production process.

The first 30 minutes.


The end of the first day


The end of the second day


The end of the third day