CG animation: CITY 3B6FA


CITY 3B6FA is my first try to make a full CG animation. It describes a future city.

The end of July, I decided an outlook of the world, and in the first two weeks of August, I created a storyboard and character design. From the 3rd week of August, I began work on modelling and animation. That time, I always work for a daily job and CG except for sleep time.


I made a full animation work for the first time with Maya and AfterEffects. I wanted to give a more realistic, dark feeling, but sometimes it is immature. However, I would like to keep doing CG work.


It’s a part of the storyboard. I made something like this before entering the production. There were many changes during the production, but thanks to this, I was able to proceed smoothly.


This rounded object…



I like to see it from behind.

It animates to change its shape.

It comes out in the picture, and I also model other objects including a human.